Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking

included with all of the solutions offered by Traffilog, we believe that this technology is of great benefit to our customers.

As with all Traffilog software, this solution is entirely web-based.  It is the product of years of experience and has been designed to meet the latest industry needs whilst providing ultimate scalability for the future.  Through one interface, vehicles and assets can be tracked, monitored and analysed.

The Traffilog solution comprises a telematics unit installed in each vehicle which has the capability to gather and analyse information utilizing various sensors.  The hardware that is used to provide vehicle location information is a GPS antenna along with a GSM/GPRS modem, transmitting data back to a central server.

Vehicle information including position, speed, heading, current driver, vehicle registration, odometer reading and ignition status is provided to the web user in near real-time.

Each vehicle is displayed both on the left hand side of the screen and on the map, with a different color to denote its status: ignition on, ignition off, idling or driving, making it easy to identify what each vehicle is currently doing.


 Interactive Map Display

  • High quality street level satellite and hybrid mapping with street view
  • Real time vehicle information detailing: position, speed, current heading, current driver and their mobile phone number.
  • Current location updated constantly for each vehicle.
  • Vehicle status with different colors for: on, off, idling or driving.
  • Selected vehicle and driver events are shown on screen.
  • Single or multiple vehicles or assets can be viewed.
  • Different icons for various vehicle types including different bus icons.
  • Customizable information fields.
Vehicle Tracking

Interactive Map

Geo-Fences and User-Defined Warning Zones

  • Create any number of geo-fence zones around a location – supports radius and polygon options.
  • Warnings can be created to alert, to entry or exit by time, day or by vehicle.
  • Alerts can be sent via email, SMS or by event notifications within the application – these alerts can also be associated to time and day, vehicle groups or individual vehicles.

Journey History

  • Replay any journey for any vehicle at any time.
  • Event and trip reporting in a downloadable and printable format.
  • Reports can be generated for individual or groups of vehicles.
Vehicle tracking

Journey Replay

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