Traffilog is a full-service provider of telematics solutions for the auto manufacturer, insurance, SVR and fleet management industries. Founded in 2003, Traffilog has earned it’s place in the constantly evolving world of telematics by developing unique predictive mechanical and diagnostic solutions. In-depth automotive engineering knowledge, strong real-time programming skills, and modern web-based applications are serviced by our vast network of experts in transportation, communications, logistics, operations, and software development.

Traffilog has deployed solutions in over 28 countries, providing constant fleet monitoring from anywhere at any time. This leads to increased driver and vehicle safety, improved utilization of vehicles and reduced operational expenditure on vehicle fleets of all types.


Big Data Telematics
Make Better Decisions

Big Data Telematics

Receive immediate answers, and reveal important information. By uncovering hidden patterns and correlations in driver behavior, Vehicle health and performance.

Machine Learning
Predict Faults

Machine Learning

Traffilog Implements machine learning algorithms to learn from data and make predictions on data to reveal important business and operational insights.

Cyber Security
Protect Your Assets

Authentication and Encryption

Traffilog provides robust cyber protection process, protecting the entire communication line -Users to server, Server to Hardware and hardware to vehicle.


Truck Fleet
Drive Smart

Enhancing Fleet Performance

Maximize the capabilities of your fleet using our complex yet simple to use vehicle diagnostics to enhance driver performance.

Bottom Line Savings
Increase ROI

Bottom Line Saving Solution

Promote efficient driving styles to Improve your fuel economy and reduce down-time with real-time mechanical diagnostics.

Traffilog Fleet Management Maximizing Efficiency
Know The Future

Maximizing Business Efficiency

Manage all aspects of your business and monitor your mobile assets from anywhere,  at any time.


Bullet Express - Traffilog & Tomtom Bridge Integration

To find out more about how Traffilog and Tomtom bridge are innovating the transportation industry with “Connect-T”, a connected environment solution for drivers, dispatchers and fleet managers press here.



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