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Big Data Telematics

We provide Telematics Big-Data solutions.

Big Data enables organizations to receive immediate answers, and reveal important information. This is done by uncovering hidden patterns and correlations in customer behavior and machine performance.

Using Big Data analytics Traffilog transforms vehicle/machine/engine data into actionable insights creating real value for our clients.

Traffilog’s predictive maintenance modules help get the most from parts while keeping a low risk.

We provide an unbeatable predictive maintenance service, providing cost-saving insights, keeping you fleet managers calm.

Traditional Telematics companies provide preventive vehicle maintenance insights by tracking MTBF/MDBF and not taking into consideration other environmental and internal elements and generating waste of functional parts.

we are able to provide Predictive maintenance by combining historical data from the vehicles with complex algorithms and the advantage of observing one vehicle compared to tens of thousands in real-time.

Machine Learning
Telematics Security

We made it our top priority to protect your data and assets 

Traffilog uses a robust cyber protected process which makes the process fully protected from A To Z, users to the server, Server to Hardware and hardware to the vehicle by using advanced authentication protocols and encryption methods. 

To protect your assets, even more, we have implemented a unique hacking recognition process which monitors and learns the users and vehicle patterns and behavior, according to road and environmental conditions, and identifies security anomalies.

Traffilog Vehicle IOT Solutions 

Receive accurate analysed data and interact with your clients with our connected IOT solutions, with Traffilog’s hardware and firmware compatibility to all vehicle makes and models and data extraction capabilities, combined with advanced and quick installation methods.

Improve customer relationships and brand loyalty by increasing customer satisfaction with new connected experiences, connect driver and vehicle with new VAS, collect valuable data.

We enable our clients to utilize a broad range of open APIs and web services to interact the asset with any IT and/or service provider, to communicate both Tailored raw data and analysed and filtered insights.


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