Waste Management

Traffilog offers a comprehensive waste management solution to municipalities and waste management organizations. Our solutions are based on RFID and Geo location technology, relaying real-time information to managers via Traffilog’s Management APP.

Traffilog’s waste management solutions provide a complete overview on all waste management operations allowing you to efficiently manage your fleet, enforce safety and cost-effective procedures and comply with waste and hazardous material regulations.

Industry specific solutions:

Waste Container Lift Management
Waste Container RF Recognition System
Location Based Fuel Tax Report

Cross industry solution:

Predictive maintenance
OTA Diagnostics
Driver mechanical behavior
Route planning
MDVR – for lift video recording
Driver safety profiling
Exception reports
Fleet management solution
LBS (Location based)
Fuel management solution
Active center – Real time mechanical alerts

Solution Features

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Predictive diagnostics
Predictive diagnostics
Traffic fleet management
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