Security (SVR)

Traffilog launches its new Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) service in Israel. Traffilog SVR system has achieved dramatic advancement over the traditional ground based tracking systems. With our SVR System you can expect 24/7/365 full service with Dedicated Stolen Vehicle Recovery Specialists only a phone call away. Our SVR Specialists are able to pin point the exact location of your vehicle and notify the local authorities of the unauthorized or theft of your vehicle. The recovery process of your vehicle starts soon after the vehicle was stolen.

Detects any of the following:

  • Door opening while system locked

  • Ignition on without a code inserted

  • Low back up battery

  • Main or Secondary unit disconnected

  • Car moving while ignition off

  • Valid code in disable mode

  • Vehicle CPU disconnected

  • Low level vehicle main power

  • Wrong code inserted

Value Added Services:

  • Customer smartphone application (Android \ IOS)
  • Collision detection

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