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Improve the reliability and efficiency of your fleet. Traffilog’s variety of technologies combined together allow us to gather data streaming through your vehicle and provide you with real time data on your vehicle health and its being used. Traffilog understands the impact of such data on running a fleet. With Traffilog’s telematics system and extended suite of services for leasing and rental companies, you can ensure your vehicles are being looked after and focus on increasing your business profitability

Main Features:

Resource management

With Traffilog’s cutting edge fleet management system, leasing companies are able to monitor their fleets in very high resolution, from basic location and time-stamp and up to specific health or operational status of every asset.

Collision detection

Traffilog’s collision detection sensors enable the business to keep perfect track on its vehicles’ body. The system is capable of recognizing, recording and single out even the slightest fender bender, thus holding the person responsible accountable.


With Traffilog’s track and trace accurate system, one can retrieve stolen assets, thus lowering his insurance expenses.

Off road driving

As a predicating function to collision detection, Traffilog’s super sensitive sensors, can recognize, alert, record and report a broken or bumpy road that might damage the vehicle’s assemblies.

Health reports

Via mobile and web application services one can get user friendly detailed health reports on the vehicle’s assemblies (i.e. Gearbox, battery, oil temperature, etc…), hence making vehicle maintenance much easier and more efficient.

SVR services

Traffilog provides a wide range of indications on a vehicle theft in progress. Based on these indications/alerts the 24/7 call center gets into action by engaging the customer over the phone, and sending the police or law enforcement representatives to prevent the theft of the asset.


With a panic button feature, being stranded at a remote location for whatever reason, one could call for immediate help with a push of a button.

Vehicle maintenance

Traffilog provides real time critical events notification that allows the driver /fleet owner to take action and prevent potential damage. furthermore, Traffilog provides periodical reports underlining vehicles that need to perform maintenance procedures and by that improve vehicle health.

Predictive diagnostics
Predictive diagnostics

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