Pay as you drive Traffilog provides a smartphone based application allowing the customer to report the beginning of the trip and according to that the insurance company enables insurance coverage.

Pay how you drive The system collects data on the nature of driving with an emphasis on safety, according to the safety data Traffilog provides a safety score for each customer/drier. The safety score is transferred to the insurance company for the purpose of rewarding careful drivers.

First Notice of Loss (FNOL) Traffilog povides an innovative solution for collision detection in real time, indicating the collision severity and impact location. Adding to this a unique black box feature by recording all g forces 3 seconds before and after the impact.

Stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) Traffilog provides a wide range of indications on a vehicle theft in progress. Based on these indications/alerts the 24/7 call center gets into action by engaging the customer over the phone, and sending the police or law enforcement representatives for preventing the theft of the asset.

Value added services This capability is based on the local partners in every region, and it mainly based on Traffilog API allowing fast and easy integration to the processed data from the data base.

Process illustration:

Traffilog BOnTrack makes the process easy by giving the user the option to do the installation by himself.

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Traffic fleet management
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