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What is Traffilog's HOS ?

Traffilog’s powerful and easy to use tablet-based Hours Of Service (HOS) solution for keeping track of driver driving time, sleeping and awake but-not-driving time as well as electronic forms.

The HOS solution can be provided to our customers as part of Traffilog’s complete Connected environment with our Connect-T solution which includes these features: Knowledge center, Online trainer, Bi-Directional Communication, dashboards and reports, Temp. Check, vehicle check and more…

This HOS is certified with US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations for electronic logs and vehicle inspections (complies with federal and state regulations and Canadian regulations).This solution also supports several state driving rules, exemptions such as for oil fields and more…

Our Hours of Service solution uses an Android-based tablet and an ELD (Sold separately) (Preferred Tablet: TomTom Bridge),  for electronic logs and vehicle inspections. the system features an online web-app. that provides the ability to monitor drivers in the fleet, examine and edit logs as necessary, set up custom inspection categories, view reports, and administer drivers (such as adding or deleting drivers).  The web application and tablet stay in synchronization to provide back-office employees a near real-time view of their fleet.

Our unique features include:

  • Enhanced and Customized Inspections
  • The web application log shows violation very clearly
  • Slip Seat and Team Driving
  • Offline \ Disconnected operation
  • Automatic retry for loss of connectivity with the ELD
  • Two-way integration of portal edits with the device
  • Driver dashboard at home office
  • Control tablet driver settings from the online web app.
  • Filter log edit reports using the web app. by consistent codes from a drop down menu.
  • Requires minimal training required
  • Easy to use administration tools for all types of users

HOS on Traffilog Connect-T:

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