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Traffilog’s full suite of services and solutions for public transportation carriers was put together using our vast global experience within this marketplace. Traffilog’s comprehensive Telematic technology, allows a multi communication platform between the PTA (Passenger Transport Authority), the dispatcher and the bus drivers. This unique platform enables better communication and planning, providing more reliable, safer services to passengers. With Traffilog your business will ensure compliance with all local regulations and standards, ensure safety and continue to provide dependable services for your passengers.

Traffilog’s full suite of services for the public transportation industry are delivered with a back-office management app. This gives a complete overview of your business with all the tools necessary to maximize your management capabilities and improve your business profitability.

For the control/dispatch center:

  • Dispatch- GIS based real time scheduling and ETA prediction
  • Real time monitoring of the fleet status and critical events.

On board:

  • ETA – Presented on board in a display for the benefits of the passenger
  • Next stop automated vehicle annunciation.
  • Automatic and web integrated Passenger counting and ticketing machines – enables optimizing vehicle type deployment, scheduling, passenger statistics and cost effectiveness
  • On board interactive driver console
  • Smart navigation for the driver – enables receiving changes in routes, due to heavy traffic, unexpected construction route, and unusual alterations in everyday routes.
  • Bi directional messaging, for sending and receiving critical messages to and fro the control center.
  • Real time route events audio notifications, for bettering and training the mechanical and safety skills of the driver.
  • Integrated MDVR system for full monitoring including online streaming/local video recording and events video clips capturing.

For the Customers:

  • Real time Bus stop signage ETA prediction- offers the passenger real time notifications in the stop of bus and their en route time of arrival.
  • Traffilog bus schedule mobile app- offers the public planning ahead according to all buses and their route schedules.

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