Traffilog provides complete telematics solutions for auto manufacturers, insurance, SVR and fleet management industries. Founded in 2003, Traffilog’s solution has already been deployed in over 28 countries, offering a wide range of solutions and Big Data based products. Our unique expertise is based on in-depth automotive engineering knowledge, strong real-time programming skills, and modern web-based applications –  all serviced by a vast network of leading experts in the fields of transportation, communications, logistics, operations, and software development.

What Makes Traffilog So Different?

Game changing ability to aggregate important data across all platforms, and unify them into one simplified innovative report.

We don’t just forward the data we extract but correlate it with G-Sensor, CANbus, external sensors and even IT based services.

Through statistics and data analysis, we are able to generate predictive models and provide our clients with bespoke output like none other in the market.

Traffilog, the only Telematics company offering unique, state of the art, predictive mechanical, diagnostic solution, is searching for new channel partners to join us on our journey to success.


Our Partners:

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