Traffilog has developed many different telematic Units and segment specific hardware complying with the various industry needs.

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The TRT unit contains a new generation, multi core, 32-bit processor used for the
implementation of Traffilog’s software algorithms on data collected from the vehicle’s
different components. The data collected is uploaded to the server and is analysed with unique proprietary algorithms to provide clear insights on driver behavior and high level mechanical health diagnostic of the vehicle.

  • Internal modem and battery ensuring self-sufficient functionality
  • Internal GPS and G-sensor components
  • Encryption of all data streamed through the wireless channel
  • A new generation processor allowing rapid high-performance data analysis and a new trend and scheme design
  • Collision detection and black box functionality
  • Internal RF/BLE allowing wireless connections to varied sensors – optional
  • Reads and analyses 3 different protocols – K-line, J1939 X2, J1708

ITU (Intelligent Traffilog Unit)

The ITU is a second generation product. The unit contains an internal modem allowing simple installation in short time. Additionally, the unit has the ability to recognize collision events and provide real-time alerts.

  • Installment process simplified with the internal modem
  • Supports collision detection and black box functionality
  • Backup battery guaranteeing functionality when main power is off
  • Connectivity to any preferable analogical component
  • Reads and analyses 3 different protocols – K-line, J1939 X2, J1708.
  • RF functionality for wireless accessories (Keypad, Tag) – optional

MBU (Multiple Bus Unit)

The MBU device has the widest range of connectivity channels to the vehicle when compared to the rest of the units. The MBU Connects to the vehicle CANBUS and analyzes all data streaming through the vehicle’s different computers. The on board data is analyzed using unique proprietary algorithms providing a clear insight on driver behavior and high level mechanical health vehicle diagnostic.

  • Up to 4 connections to analogic external components
  • Supports connectivity to a variety of preferable external modems
  • Internal extension board (for extra J1708, MDT, magnetic cards)
  • Engine block functionality – optional
  • Reads and analyses 3 different protocols – K-line, J1939 X2, J1708

OBD2 - B-On-Track

A self installed unit, B-On-track provides a prime solution in the fleet management market. With its unique algorithm, the OBD unit provides high level diagnostics for driver behavior and vehicle’s mechanical health as well as providing driver safety analysis and real-time location.

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