Driver Profiling

Traffilog Driver Profiling Technology

The information that is used to assess the efficiency of a driver is obtained by installing a G-sensor (accelerometer) within the vehicle that measures the acceleration between three axis generated by the driver’s individual driving behaviour (Driver Profiling). The forces measured trigger relevant safety events regarding levels of braking, cornering and acceleration.  This data is combined with speed information and at the end of each trip our proprietary algorithm classifies the driver’s behaviour for each journey, taking into account time and distance, providing an overall score.

By measuring the number of acceleration, braking and turning events conducted by a driver, as well as the severity of the events and the distance travelled, the Traffilog solution can build up a clear picture of their efficiency.  This data is then transmitted via GPRS to a secure data centre, where it is visible to managers via an on-line web application.

In addition, a D-MAS (Driver Manoeuvre Awareness System) is installed in each vehicle’s dashboard and is used to notify the driver in real time of any unsafe or inefficient manoeuvres that they have conducted.

The solution is designed to be easy to implement and easy to use, with every driver report being available within just three clicks via the website.

Results are achieved through the collection of data from the vehicle, which allows us to build a detailed picture of which drivers need to improve their performance.  This information is used to provide real time notifications to drivers, allowing for self-improvement using the D-MAS.  In addition, the information that is collected and provided to managers allows quick identification of drivers that are not adhering to the system and are continuing to drive inefficiently.

Driver Profiling

Traffilog D-MAS

Traffilog recognizes that the majority of fleet drivers are professional, responsible drivers.  However, most drivers pick up bad driving habits whilst on the road.

the D-MAS is a revolutionary piece of technology that helps drivers to identify and break these bad habits.  Whilst it takes roughly 3-4 weeks to break a deeply ingrained habit, the D-MAS helps drivers to improve their performance both by teaching them which maneuvers are unacceptable and by reminding them to drive efficiently during each journey.

The D-MAS is a display with 5 illuminating lights.  Drivers will get real-time, instant, visible feedback on their driving behavior from the color coded system.

The D-MAS indicates to the driver in real time the severity of any driving maneuvers as recorded by the system. The various lights, designed on the principal of a simple traffic light (yellow, amber and red) symbolize the harshness of their driving behavior.

In addition, the D-MAS provides the driver with their driver score for each and every individual trip and can also serve as a 5-button, all-purpose keypad that can be utilized for driver identification

DMAS - Driver Profiling

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