Driver Data Terminal – TomTom Bridge

Android based, fully integrated Driver Data Terminal

TomTom BRIDGE and Traffilog Join Forces on Driver Data Terminal solution

We are happy to announce (19.09.2016) a partnership between the TomTom BRIDGE platform and the telematics solution provider, Traffilog. This alliance is designed to provide  passenger transportation fleets and manufacturers with a connected vehicle solution connecting authorities, dispatchers, drivers and passengers.

This unique platform enables better communication and planning, providing a more reliable and safe service to passengers.

for the full PR announcement from TOMTOM:  TomTom BRIDGE – Traffilog PR

Launch of Traffilog DDT solution at Euro Bus Expo 2016: Euro Bus PR

Further to our many other Connected Vehicle Solutions, we have created our first, Android based, fully integrated Driver Data Terminal (DDT).
Using highly reliable and TOMTOM Bridge hardware, we have
created a unique Traffilog Market. This market consists of a set of unique apps that enable fleet operators to ensure compliance, better utilize resource and save costs.

We have also integrated this solution to many other parts of our connected vehicle, giving some highly advanced features. One example of this, is the
ability for the screen to automatically change to view a reversing camera, whenever the vehicle is placed in reverse gear.



  • Smart navigation with live TMC
  • Bi-Directional Communication
    (Text, only when vehicle is stationary)
  • Reverse camera input automation
  • Traffilog Apps – Health check, accident notification, driver performance
  • Online real-time driver trainer
  • Work Scheduling and job dispatching
  • Knowledge Center
  • Temperature Check
  • In case of emergency Button
  • Vehicle Book

For more information on this solution – please contact us:

DDT - App. Screenshots

Driver Data Terminal features
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