Digital Tachograph – Remote Download

Stay legal & save precious time

The law requires periodic data downloads from digital tachographs. The data from both the vehicle unit and the driver data card must be downloaded.

Traditionally, this is done by physically connecting a download device to the vehicle’s tachograph typically at least once a week. A tachograph company card had to be physically present at the download.

Not anymore! Traffilog units can now connect to digital tachographs by a dedicated remote download (via CAN port) on almost all tachograph models. Tachographs must be able to support CAN download.

Via the Traffilog App, customers set the download schedule and FTP destination to receive the files from the vehicle units and the driver card. It makes life simpler.

Company cards are held remotely by the customer (or by Traffilog, if required) and are read by the Traffilog tachograph card app.

Benefits –

  • Peace of mind –  show commitment to staying legal and compliant
  • Save time and money –  reduce trips to the depot.
  • Fewer company cards required.
  • Tachograph files can be directly transferred to third party data management companies.
  • Tamper proof – digital signatures are maintained.
  • Automatic scheduling – progress and history of downloads can be viewed through the app.
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