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Introducing Questar: The AI-Driven Automotive Solution that Converts Vehicle Data into Actionable Insights

Using advanced AI and deep learning technologies, Questar can predict vehicle health events before they affect customers

[Tel Aviv, Israel. December 15, 2021] – Questar Auto Technologies, the AI solutions provider, delivering automakers, Tier-1 suppliers, and fleet owners with cutting-edge vehicle health management solutions, was born today following the acquisition of automotive AI company SafeRide Technologies by Traffilog – a leading provider of telematics, advanced diagnostics, and predictive maintenance services for commercial and passenger fleets – this past November. Questar will continue to collaborate with automakers and Tier 1 suppliers across the globe to integrate its AI-based software products into next-generation vehicles, and its comprehensive suite of solutions is poised to create a paradigm shift in vehicle and fleet analytics.

Today, there is an increased need to monitor key elements in commercial vehicles after they leave the production line. It becomes the responsibility of each individual driver or fleet manager to ensure the routine maintenance of each vehicle, and they can only detect issues either in real-time or after the fact. Questar detects when a vehicle’s components need maintenance in [...]

Traffilog joins forces with SafeRide Technologies to Lead the Automotive Data Revolution

The combined company will serve as a global leader in transforming vehicle data into high-value insights for automakers, suppliers, and fleets

[TEL AVIV, Israel – November 8, 2021] – Traffilog, a leading provider of telematics, advanced diagnostics, and predictive maintenance services for commercial and passenger fleets, today announced the acquisition of SafeRide Technologies, a recognized leader in artificial intelligence (AI) for the automotive industry. The consolidated company currently provides telematics and analytics services to dozens of automakers and fleets with hundreds of thousands of vehicles worldwide. The company will also continue to collaborate with automakers and Tier 1 suppliers across the globe to integrate its AI-based software products into next-generation vehicles. The consolidated company will have global-wide reach, with presence in San Francisco, Detroit, Germany, Korea, and Israel.

Advancements in autonomous driving, electrification, data-driven applications, and shared mobility are providing opportunities for fleet owners and automakers to develop new business models. However, the resulting growth in vehicle complexity creates an abundance of challenges including quality issues, reduced operational efficiency, and an increase in total cost of [...]

Fleets of today often experience too many unexpected errors and breakdowns, resulting in long downtime periods, disrupted schedules and decreased overall efficiency.

A predictive maintenance system will drastically reduce unexpected faults.

The system works by continuously extracting data from the vehicle and its environment, analyzing historical and real-time data, whilst cross-referencing and comparing different types of data.In addition to this analysis, machine learning processes are employed to predict hidden patterns within the data mass.

By providing insights and recommendations directly to fleet managers as well as engineering and maintenance teams, many unexpected faults can be avoided. In addition, vehicle components can be utilized to their maximum abilities according to actual use, no longer just relying on manufacturers mean time between failures (MTBF) or recommended replacement dates.

The 7 most important benefits of predictive maintenance systems:

  1. Reduce maintenance costs – by identifying errors before or when they arise, instead of when critical major faults occur. [...]

Traffilog Featured in Transport and Logistics Magazine

Efficient & Modern public transport - McGill's

Read more about  how Mc’gills – Currently Scotland’s largest Bus & Coach independent bus company with over 400 buses
Uses Traffilog systems to improve strategies, efficiency, and safety.

Transport Logistics – McGills Article



We have been awarded a major contract for police and fire vehicles across 2 sizeable forces in the UK. The solution combines our advanced telematics reporting with black box data recording for crash reconstruction and with integrated CCTV.
Pre-award due diligence investigations included EMC testing by the Home Office, operational testing, actual crash testing and data validation testing, all of which we passed, thus confirming the security and robustness of our system.
Needless to say, we are proud and honored to be chosen, and will be helping in areas of speed awareness, accountability and accident investigation.

Blue Light

On 28th February Rockingham Raceway in Corby hosted the finals of the National Express Driver of the Year sponsored by Traffilog UK. The finalists whittled down from 800 had all fulfilled stringent criteria,
including telematics analysis, attendance and zero customer complaints over a full year. The final selection of ‘master drivers’ was the best of the best, and of course, they were an enthusiastic and friendly crowd.

The final heats included racing Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Ariel Atoms, and the slightly slower (but just as exhilarating!) bendy bus around the racetrack.

To add to the excitement, all the action was featured in the latest edition of Bus and Coach Week.

As a proud supplier of Telematic solutions to National Express, Traffilog’s Yon Copitch said “This event was a perfect opportunity for us to invest in our customers and to really show our appreciation for the drivers
that help contribute to our 16 billion Miles of [...]

Traffilog UK – Euro Bus Expo 2016

Traffilog launches Driver Data Terminal to meet the demands of bus and coach industry
Traffilog UK – Euro Bus Expo 2016

euro bus expo 2016

Traffilog launches Driver Data Terminal to meet the demands of bus and coach industry

Traffilog, launched its Driver Data Terminal (DDT), specifically designed for the bus and coach industries
at the Euro Bus Expo 2016. The solution was developed in conjunction with the likes of National Express
and recently completed a successful pilot. The DDT makes it easier to manage compliance versus paper
process and speeds up response times to vehicle issues or faults.

TomTom (2)


Companies implementing DDT will reduce administration time and fleet costs as well as increase their vehicle up-time.

In addition to the direct fleet benefits from DDT, bus and coach [...]

emergncy services_TMB_LOW1

Michal Duda speaks about the importance of monitoring driver behaviour and how driver engaement using Traffilog telematics systems on 230 Blue Light Vehicles impact incident rates and costs.

From the article published in Fleet News Site 27/06/2016 –

“We will know the real mileage, fuel levels, engine temperatures and the driver [most Masters are two-man crews]. We will use the behavior information for their development
programs – we want to promote the best drivers and coach the ones that are at risk.” (Michal Duda)

For the Full article Press Here

Traffilog Israel – Jewish New Year

Jewish New Year holiday season
Traffilog Israel News –  Jewish New Year holiday season

happy new year


As some of you might know, the Jewish New Year and holiday season is near. we would like to wish you all Happy Holidays and “Shana Tova” Meaning – have a great year!

Traffilog Israel offices will be closed for the Holidays during these dates:
(with the exception of our Call center and SVR center which are open 24/7/365)
02-04.10 – Rosh Hashana (New Year)
11-12.10 – Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)
16-17.10 – Sukkot (Tabernacles)
23-24.10 – Simchat Tora (Rejoicing of the Law)

An important fact about Jewish Holidays:
Holiday dates vary slightly every year because the Jewish calendar is lunar based, not solar. Each holiday starts the evening before the day it appears on your calendar.

Rosh Hashanah is Jewish New Year –
a [...]

Traffilog & TomTom Bridge partnership

MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) connected solution


Traffilog and TomTom BRIDGE Join Forces on Connected car solution – We are happy to announce (19.09.2016) a partnership between Traffilog and TomTom BRIDGE platform.

This alliance is designed to provide passenger transportation fleets and manufacturers with a connected vehicle solution connecting authorities, dispatchers, drivers and passengers.
Introducing a unique platform which enables better communication and planning, providing a more reliable and safe service to passengers.

For more information regarding TomTom Bridge and the Partnership announcement Press Here

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