Enhancing Performance

Reducing downtime/vehicle wear-and-tear

Whether your fleet is made up of large inter-city trucks or inner city delivery transits vehicles like any machinery is subjected to constant wear-and-tear. Traffilog’s leading mechanical diagnostics and preventive maintenance solutions, allow you to detect faults as they occur and prevent major damage to costly vehicle components.

Reducing down-time / vehicle wear-and-tear

Driver Risk Profiling

Reinforce safe driving habits amongst your drivers by educating them on proper driving techniques. Our solutions enhance the performance of your fleet by identifying how your vehicles are being used and providing educational modules on correct driving habits.
Information is provided both in real-time through the provision of in-vehicle displays and historically through reports, statistics and graphs. The Traffilog fleet management solution includes an education center, or driver console, giving personalized driver education based on previous driving performances.

Driver Risk Profiling

Monitor your vehicles’ health. Prevent irreparable damage. Stay ahead of your service schedule.

Traffilog’s knowledge in machine data and vehicle diagnostics was implemented to provide you with constant insights on your vehicles health.

  • Real-time mechanical alerts

  • Service schedule

  • Periodical reports, statistics and graphs on vehicle health and performance

  • Vehicle mission analysis

Vehicle Diagnostics

Saving solutions

Preventive maintenance

With Traffilog’s unique connection to the vehicle CAN, and implementation of complex algorithms we are able to collect and correlate machine data to detect current and predicted mechanical failures which ultimately simplifies the complex task of fleet management in a cost-effective, safe and efficient manner.


Fuel economy

When relying on a fleet as part of your business, fuel expenses can make up a large portion of your on-going expenses. By promoting proper driver mechanical skills, increasing their awareness, monitoring and implementing company regulations you can achieve great improvement on fuel economy.

fuel economy

Driver mechanical skills

Empower your drivers. Reinforce correct driving skills. Increase driver awareness for safety.

Traffilog provides you with a complete set of tools to improve your drivers’ skills and performance overtime.

  • Real-time alerts

  • Personalized training modules

  • Personal driving instructor

  • Periodical reports and graphs

Driver mechanical skills

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