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Benefits of predictive maintenance by Traffilog:

Fleets of today often experience too many unexpected errors and breakdowns, resulting in long downtime periods, disrupted schedules and decreased overall efficiency.

A predictive maintenance system will drastically reduce unexpected faults.

The system works by continuously extracting data from the vehicle and its environment, analyzing historical and real-time data, whilst cross-referencing and comparing different types of data.In addition to this analysis, machine learning processes are employed to predict hidden patterns within the data mass.

By providing insights and recommendations directly to fleet managers as well as engineering and maintenance teams, many unexpected faults can be avoided. In addition, vehicle components can be utilized to their maximum abilities according to actual use, no longer just relying on manufacturers mean time between failures (MTBF) or recommended replacement dates.

The 7 most important benefits of predictive maintenance systems:

  1. Reduce maintenance costs – by identifying errors before or when they arise, instead of when critical major faults occur. You have a chance to repair the root component instead of the entire part, and to stop further damage taking place.
  2. Reduce spare parts inventory – by managing your services and being informed of issues as they arise, you can order items ‘just-in-time’ instead of holding a massive inventory.
  3. Maximize uptime – predictive maintenance reduces unexpected faults – resulting in maximum uptime.
  4. Reduce labor costs – knowing when vehicles will need servicing and reducing major services prolongs vehicle parts MTBF, which in turn will reduce overall labor costs.
  5. Increase MTBF – by monitoring the day to day vehicle and driver operation, you can get the most out of parts, not replacing/repairing before necessary or when it’s too late.
  6. Increase safety – By monitoring vehicle health at all times, you can prevent critical issues which could otherwise result in catastrophe.
  7. Manage your faults – Help maintenance teams and fleet managers stay on top of fleet health by providing real-time, easy to manage information with expert insights and recommendations.

Compared to traditional maintenance practices, the more proactive approach of predictive maintenance is proven to be a more efficient system.

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