Active Center

Active Center

The active center’s goal is to provide empowering services to the clients. By understanding their needs, we create a unique package of services and maximize customer savings.

The active center is a professional mechanical center where all mechanical alerts are handled and analyzed by professional mechanical engineers. Through the active center, valuable information about mechanical faults is directed to the workshops\technicians, all faults are tracked as well as information collected by Traffilog on a daily basis. The active center provides actionable information allowing treatment of mechanical faults as they occur and minimize damage to the vehicle components.

 Main goals:

  • Maximize customer savings with Traffilog products
  • Extend UPTIME
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Sales tool and a differentiation for OEM


  • Reduce vehicle faults
  • Improve driver efficiency
  • Predict the failures before they occur
  • Extend components life
  • Red Alert for immediate actions


  • Statistics and trends of mechanical failures emerging within the vehicle.
  • Reduce warranty costs by control over vehicle health.
  • Engineering assistance- using the information as a big data and BI tool
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