Standing at the forefront of technology, our platform provides automakers, auto insurance companies and fleet owners cutting edge mobility solutions via secure channels.

Traffilog brings driver and vehicle insights, predictive maintenance services and more.
Driven by machine learning and Big-Data technology, we enable maximum uptime, performance, and safety.

Our connected vehicle solutions improve customer relationships and ensure excellent user experience.

Traffilog has deployed solutions in over 20 countries, providing constant, meaningful, cost savings insights and ECU firmware updates from anywhere at any time.

Our Platform

Get meaningful insights

Receive immediate answers and reveal important information by uncovering hidden patterns and correlations in driver behavior, Vehicle health, and performance.

Predict faults

Have your vehicles operating with maximum efficiency and uptime with our predictive maintenance services. Traffilog Implements machine learning algorithms to learn from data and make predictions for important business and operational insights.

Secure communication

Traffilog provides robust cyber protection for the entire communication line – users to server, server to hardware and hardware to vehicle.

Drive safety and risk analysis

Improve driver safety and efficiency while reducing wear & tear, insurance costs and overall upkeep costs using our proven driver safety, risk analysis and mechanical skills solutions (read-more).

Over the Air Updates

Save the time and money of calling back vehicles to the workshop and provide maximum uptime to your fleet with our secure vehicle firmware ECU OTA process.

First notice of loss

We have developed a system which analyses collisions using unique proprietary algorithms and vehicle data.
This system provides you with FNOL (First Notice Of Loss) and precise collision information.

Your Gain

Maximum uptime

Meaningful data

Best time to market

Comprehensive solution

Maximum performance

First notice of loss

Engineering field lab

Secure data


Improve customer relationship & satisfaction


Full connectivity

Easy and accessible

Seamless integrations

Improve driver skills & behavior


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